Acorns   To   Wheat
A Chasseen Family Saga

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Before the Romans, the Greeks, the Celts:
Where does this book fit in our history of Europe?[more...]

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Acorns to Wheat:
  A Chasseen Family Saga

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Acorns To Wheat: A Chasseen Family Saga is impressively researched historical fiction. The detail of how Busher, Treaulee, the people they meet, and their sons live is meticulous but equally cleverly masked by an intriguing and vividly told story. Even in this primitive civilization, inhabitants are shown as being aware of their past. "The ancients performed animal sacrifices to the gods to shield the people from their ire and unprovoked wrath." This is a unique period to explore quite like this, and well-drawn, emotive characters and battle-scene action draw the reader on. Acorns To Wheat looks set to launch David William Allman into the category of Ken Follett and E. L. Doctorow as a writer of historical thrillers.
- , reviewer for Readers' Favorite
5 of 5 stars.

The complex relationship between the sons, Ashlan (farmer) and Dubnoald (hunter) is fraught with jealousy and misunderstanding. Allman draws his characters with such detail in his simple way.
The brutality of the times, the battles between clans that often left many dead, is handled in such a matter of fact way, with none of the goriness so prevalent in our entertainment, that it was just a part of life. There is not a single aspect of their lives that is left out, illness, childbearing, battles, making of utensils, day to day life, the religion of the time. This is a lovely book. There are many powerful moments, made more powerful by Allman's refusal to flourish. He writes a truly amazing moment, and then he goes right past it, at a mild walk, and writes another.
I certainly hope Mr. Allman continues this story. I would love to see the children grown and transforming their world, the way their parents did.
- , Angie's Website & Goodreads Blogger.
Click Here for Angie's YouTube review of the book.
5 of 5 stars.

Our writer's group heard a great presentation last night from David William Allman at the Griffin Public Library. David is the writer of Acorns to Wheat, a work of historical fiction. I was fascinated by the amount of research he put into his story and am looking forward to reading it.
- , retired
5 of 5 stars.

Acorns To Wheat does exactly what historical fiction should do. It combines research and archaeology with imagination to spin a tale that is believable because it is based on facts and exciting because it brings to life not only an era, but the people who lived in that era.
- ,  Chair, Friends of the Library
5 of 5 stars.

David Allman dares to explore the social landscape of history, where archaeologists fear to tread. He breaks this new ground with empathy and realism.
- , University College London, Institute of Archaeology
5 of 5 stars.

Man:woman; birth:death; plant:animal; god:infinity. David Allman's saga explores the lives of our human ancestors during a pivotal time and helps us wonder how they ever made it through the perils of life in the new stone age.
- , botanist
5 of 5 stars.

This is a great story about a time period few people think about. Family drama is always the same, no matter the era.
- , reader
5 of 5 stars.

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